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Regular readers will know about the recent release of this cassette edition of Ghost Of A Hurt by The Sinister Insult. It’s a “musical collective” I’ve had some involvement with over the past few years, which culminated in this2010  sonic ritual inspired by my article of the same name, which explores the mystery of ‘Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm‘? The cassette edition sold out before its release date, but I have one copy to give away. Rather than get you to answer a question, I’ll just ask that you send me something suitably strange and witchy.

Email your submissions to and I’ll choose the best one and reveal the winner in a future post.

Scotland’s Shame

Scotland's Shame

Another Project Mogwai painting, from April 2009, years before the Scottish Independence debates and the political disillusionment of the working classes, about which this painting says either everything or absolutely sod all. You decide.

Mogwai – Scotland’s Shame

A Field In England

King's Meadow

Still I think out of the dreary sameness of existence, a measure of dramatic life may be drawn. Even the most commonplace, the deadest among the living, may play a part in a great drama.
James Joyce

Jim Williams – A Field In England (full soundtrack)

Work In Progress

CE work in progress WEB

This is the latest painting I’m working on, started just a few days ago. Fellow artists out there would laugh and/or cry if they saw what I was using to paint the sky with, but I’ve found that  when you’re forced to work with “limited resources” you find novel solutions, providing results that are unique to you. The working title is ‘Christmas Eve’, but only because that’s my deadline for completion. I hope to have come up with a better title before then.

Ghost Of A Hurt: Cassette Edition


Further to my previous post, here’s a final push to promote this new release by Cruel Nature Records. The cover was illustrated and designed by me, using this original drawing and the application of some Photoshop electrickery. My intention was to evoke – but not mimic – the vintage Penguin paperback designs of the 1960’s.

GOAH2The cassette edition is limited to 25 copies. £5 each. Get your copy here. Digital downloads are also available, and there’s still some of the original CD-R versions, available direct from Bedabbled!

Alan Sillitoe

Alan Sillitoe

Growing up is for the others, for those who can’t do anything but live dead, or for those who go on living for people who write to show the living dead that they might not be as dead as they feel.
Alan Sillitoe, The Broken Chariot

Radar Maker

Radar Maker

Yet another painting from the Project Mogwai series, dating back to early 2009. When I first showed this to my friend Martin Jones he joked as to what I might be working on next – perhaps a deflated child’s party balloon crumpled in the gutter? Little did he know that I had almost that exact image in my reference file, ready to be painted. Alas, it never happened.

Mogwai – Radar Maker


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