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Who’s the greatest band you’ve never heard of?

In the early 1980’s, the exhausted backwash of punk swept through the post-industrial wasteland towns of northern Britain. Young men with no future and no hope channelled their anger and their passion into music and art that compressed all their ideas and influences into a primal shriek of defiance.

One of those bands was Daddy Witch, and this is their story.

This is my first published novel. 140 pages. Pocket paperback, fully designed by yours truly.

Published by Exile In The Margins. £5 & shipping. Order your copy HERE.

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A companion title to the novel Daddy Witch, this title collects all the art, design & ephemera I made and collected in order to define the aesthetic of the band. Includes many images you will not see anywhere else, including all the original postcard paintings I made, one of each given away with each of the initial orders for the novel. Fully designed by yours truly, this is the first title from my own imprint Genius Loci. There will be more.

Full colour. 44 pages. Square format 20cm apx. £5 & shipping, Order your copy HERE.


You’ve heard of ‘nature writing’? This is ‘against nature writing’. Ten years plus in the making, this is a descent into the dark depths of psychosexual obsession and edgelands existentialism. Written by Martin Jones and fully illustrated and designed by me, each page festers and pulses with the madness that went into its making. It’s the first release by Exile In The Margins, and there will be more to follow.

Limited to 100 copies. A random selection of ten copies will come with a CD-R soundtrack and original art postcard by yours truly.

Order a copy HERE. £8 & shipping.


A prose ‘working’ in the Crowleyean sense, an evocation of the spirits – both benign and malevolent – that haunt the arcades and promenades of Britain’s seaside towns. Scrying in the Fun House mirror. Decoding angel language from bingo cards. Ectoplasmic candy floss snagged under the pier. Brylcreem, gasoline and Vaseline. Sticky fingers and bloody knuckles. Hot blood and cold chips. Wish you weren’t here.

24 pages. A5 chapbook. Full colour cover. Text by Martin Jones. Design by Rik Rawling.

Published by Exile In The Margins

£3 & shipping. Order HERE.


The first publication devoted to the Midland’s most enigmatic artist. Born from bedsits, black metal and Special Brew, Tomlinson’s art follows a fine lineage of English absurdity: a drunken Hyde sketched rapidly by a fearful Jekyll.

A5 booklet. 16 pages. Full colour. 100 numbered copies. Edited by Martin Jones. Design by Rik Rawling.

Published by Exile In The Margins

£2.50 per copy & shipping. Order yours here.


Fourteen illustrated poems, born of the strange ozone the author Martin Jones drowned his senses in as he travelled along the coast of England, from the South West to the North East. Imagine Philip Larkin sat under the pier gnawing disconsolately at a bag of chips, while in the amusement arcade above him the jukebox plays The Cramp’s cover of ‘Fever’. Meanwhile, Nick Cave walks by, watching for mermaids rising from the waves but instead finds a hen party wearing teabag-sized dresses, dancing shoeless in the surf. Vampire succubi stare at the moon from shabby B&B bedroom windows while a long black tentacle slides through the shingle, raking through the washed up bottles of Frosty Jack and forgotten beach toys, inching towards a dosser passed out behind the bandstand.

Written by Martin Jones, with cover art and startling Neo-Romantic internal illustrations by Derek Gray.

Fits-in-your-pocket paperback. 40 pages. 100 numbered copies.

£3.00 & shipping. Order your copy HERE


Collects all the artwork I made for the lost true crime classic that never was – Saturn In Retrograde: Counter-Culture Murder, Bad Trips and Demon Fantasies. A wide range of authors, including myself, covered cases infamous and otherwise from the lysergic decade 1965-75, a time of social, political and psychic upheavals that for some was a gateway to Nirvana, and for others a one-way trip to the morgue. The centrepiece of the book is thirteen psychedelic posters I made as chapter headings, presented here in retina-exploding full colour, together with portraits of that era’s prime movers, underground comix artwork and other never-seen-before material, together with a foreword by the original book’s editor Martin Jones and an introduction by yours truly. Turn on, tune in, open up your third eye, and kiss your ass goodbye.

£12 & shipping. 62 pages. Full colour on gloss stock. Order your copy HERE


A unique project. One painting for each of the songs on the 2006 album Altar, a collaboration between the bands SunnO))) and Boris, and one of the great art-rock albums of the all time. The paintings were made in 2010, exploring my own interpretations of the music and the suggested themes of sex, death, madness, demonic possession and headfirst descents into the abyss: all the things that make life worth living. I collected the paintings the following year into a self-published book which I augmented with automatic drawings, text and found photography, creating a document that serves as a passport to the place between heaven and hell.

£8 & shipping. Order your copy HERE.


In the mid-1990’s I collaborated with the author Noel K. Hannan on a two-book graphic novel Streetmeat. Inspirations were: William Gibson, John Woo, Frank Miller, Andrew Vachss, Geof Darrow, RayGun, The Crow, Black Rain, The Church of the Sub Genius, and everything else at large in the pre-millenial zeitgeist. Our heroine is Melanoma Solo, a renegade cop on the trail of revenge, entering the forbidding Japanese ghetto of the Jima. Neo-noir sci-fi mayhem, with bullets flying everywhere and no prisoners taken. This 25th Annivrsary Edition was published by Rawhead in 2019 and includes all the spin-off strips and stories published in the late 90’s, together with a section of all new material hinting at how the 3 planned sequels could have looked, along with a new 4-page strip written and drawn by myself and exclusive to this edition.

£8 & shipping. Order your copy HERE

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