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This 2-issue comic series was originally self-published in 1995-6, to wide acclaim. Twenty five years later, this definitive edition collects both books, along with spin-off strips, illustrated short stories, and a large volume of related artwork and background material, much of it never published before. Includes a gallery section featuring artwork by the likes of Frank Quitely, Dave Taylor and Nigel Dobbyn, a section dedicated to the planned sequels, and a brand-new 4-page strip created specifically for this edition. All the original artwork has been digitally remastered and the whole book was designed by myself, making this the ultimate edition of Streetmeat that you will ever see.

Order hard copy HERE. £8 & shipping.


This book collects a series of paintings I made in 2010, inspired by the SunnO))) & Boris album Altar.
It’s one of the great art rock albums of all time, and I was inspired to make a painting for each of the songs.
Adding ‘automatic’ ink drawings and found photography, I self-published this book as a print-on-demand edition.
Above are a selection of images from the book, including the ‘sigil’ cover design.

Download a free PDF copy HERE

Order hard copy HERE. £7 & shipping.

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