I Worship The Sun

Photograph taken earlier this week at Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire.

Felt – I Worship The Sun


You’re Not Up To Much

Photograph taken a few days ago while wandering around the estate.

The Fall – You’re Not Up To Much

Slow Down

This is about 5 minutes walk from my house. Intended to slow down teenagers tazzing down this ginnel on their bikes, it looks to me like something you’re more likely to find in an art gallery, passed off as an ‘installation’.

The Jam – Slow Down

Walking In My Shoes

Went to Bath today. Took a few pictures in the hope that some might be worth using for paintings. This one might have been a viable option, had there been something more interesting floating in the river. A few years back in Keynsham Park we saw the charred remains of a Tellutubby doll gently floating down the river, but I sadly didn’t have a camera with me at the time. It seemed to say something important about the state of modern Britain.

Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes

The Shape Of Water

I’ve mocked-up this poster for the new Guillermo Del Toro film – The Shape Of Water. I’m a staunch believer in Sturgeon’s Law (that 99% of everything is shit) but have confidence that Del Toro’s film will be firmly within the 1%, as was his last truly personal project Pan’s Labyrinth. There was no point trying to outdo the sensuality of James Jean’s work for the official film poster:

so I opted for a different approach, one that I hope still captures what I believe to be the essence of the film. This, along with Blade Runner 2049, is one of my most anticipated films of the year. The other one – IT – I’m seeing this afternoon. If it inspires an artistic response, you’ll see it here.

The Shape Of Water trailer

Harry Dean Stanton

In the end, you end up accepting everything in your life – suffering, horror, love, loss, hate – all of it. It’s all a movie anyway.
Harry Dean Stanton

I’ve just read that Harry Dean Stanton has died. Inevitable, I know, but he always seemed indestructible in a way. He appeared in so many of my favourite films growing up – Alien, Escape From New York, Christine and Repo Man – to name just a few. Above is my 2014 drawing of him. A unique specimen, the kind we’ll not see the likes of again.

The Fisher King

A new drawing, of an osprey, also sometimes called ‘The Fish Hawk’. This drawing is A3 scale, black ink on white paper. It’s for sale. If you’re interested, email me.

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