The Darkness Beyond Tomorrow

The Turn EG 3 Dec 2017

The people dreamed and fought and slept as much as ever, and by habit they shortened their thoughts so that they would not wander out into the darkness beyond tomorrow.
Carson McCullers, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Photograph taken ’round our way’, December 2017.


Maybe When We Die

YL 19 Jan 2018

Maybe when we die, the first thing we’ll say is, ‘I know this feeling. I was here before.’
Don DeLillo, White Noise

Photograph taken in Staple, Hill, Bristol, January 2018.

All That Is Holy Is Profaned

All that is solid melts into air, and all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses, his real condition of life, and his relation with his kind.
Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

Photograph taken in Morley, Leeds, April 2014.

The Echo In Us

Ennui is the echo in us of time tearing itself apart.
E.M. Cioran

Photograph taken ’round our way’, January 2018.

Why The Tempest

But for the man who watches the leaves trembling in the wind’s breath, the rivers meandering through the meadows, life twisting and turning and swirling through things, men living, doing good and evil, the sea rolling its waves  and the sky with its expanse of lights, and who asks himself why these leaves are there, why the water flows, why life itself is such a terrible torrent plunging towards the boundless ocean of depth in which it will lose itself, why men walk about, labour like ants, why the tempest, why the sky so pure and the earth so foul – these questions lead to a darkness from which there is no way out.
Gustave Flaubert, Memoirs of a Madman

Photograph taken at Hawkchurch, Devon, January 2018.

The Darkness Inside

Don’t be afraid. The darkness you’re in is not greater than the darkness inside your own body, they are two darknesses separated by a skin. I bet you’ve never thought of that, you carry a darkness about with you all the time and that doesn’t frighten you… my dear chap, you have to learn to live with the darkness outside just as you learned to live with the darkness inside.
Jose Saramago, Today in the River

Photograph taken at Chew Lake, near Bristol, March 2014.

There Is No Sublime

Maybe there is no sublime, only the shining of the amnion’s tatters.
Galway Kinnell

Photograph taken at Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire, August 2013.

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