PDF’s of excerpts and chapters from book projects I’ve worked on during the past couple of decades:

Altar (paintings and drawings inspired by the Boris/SunnO))) album Altar) – download

Scorpio Deathtrip (art from the Saturn In Retrograde 60’s/70’s true crime anthology) – download

The End Of Nothing (Altamont, The Hell’s Angels, Rolling Stones & Kenneth Anger) from Saturn In Retrogradedownload

Requiem For Lucifer (Bobby Beausoleil & The Manson Family) from Saturn In Retrogradedownload

Bridge Over The River Styx (Charles Cottingham, serial killer, at large in 1970’s No Wave New York) – download

Messiahs Of Voltage: How The Stooges Died For You – download

Ritual In The Dark: the Witchcraft murder of Charles Walton – download

Love & Fury: the life and death of Joe Meek – download

Choking On Pigeon’s Milk: the life and death of Joe Orton – download

The Hangman’s Breakfast: 60 years of British murder, madness and mystery. The original unedited manuscript, over half a million words. Abandon all hope all ye who enter here – download

The Withnail & I Drawings: a booklet collecting my portraits of characters from Withnail & I – download

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