My daughter’s all-time favourite band, so guess where she’ll be on the 28th? It was her enthusiasm for the band that caused me to listen to them, and I can now unapologetically assert that they are one of the last great bands, and there’s really not many of them left now. And who would have thought that after a 13 year hiatus they would come back with a song as good as this? Most bands who reform end up as cover bands for their own back catalogues, but this is up there with anything on The Black Parade album. Lyrically, Gerard Way has lost none of his knack for the beautifully bleak image:

Now, if your convictions were a passing phase
May our ashes feed the river in the morning rays
And as the vermin crawls
We lay in the foundations of decay

Baudelaire would be proud.

Suitably inspired, I made this mock-up poster, using an old painting from about 10 years ago that felt suitably apocalyptic, featuring as it does Robert Graves’ The White Goddess and Blake’s Great Red Dragon.

My Chemical Romance – The Foundations Of Decay

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