As I work on a new book project (see here for a taster), one requiring a drastic change to my artistic approach, I thought it timely to revisit an earlier project when I also let me freak flag- more often these days to be found neatly folded and hidden in the loft – fly free.

Altar is a 2006 album collaboration between the bands SunnO))) and Boris. It’s one of the great art rock albums of all time. In 2010 I embarked on a series of paintings, inspired by the titles of each of the nine songs. These came after Project Mogwai, and were more experimental in nature, using different size canvas panels and materials, and working more intuitively than I had before in my paintings. I worked fast, and did not over-analyse the results. A couple of years later I decided to collect all the paintings in a self-published book, adding some ‘automatic’ drawings made free hand with ink and brush, and some found photography and text that I felt suited the mood of the album. Here’s some of the page layouts from the book:

It remains one of my favourite things that I’ve ever done, primarily because it was done so purely and with no over-thinking. All the paintings sold as well, which tells me I was onto something here.

Download a free PDF copy of the book HERE

Order a hard copy of the book HERE. £8 & shipping.

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