Following the completion of my most recent painting, I’m now dedicating the remainder of the year to two major book projects for Exile In The Margins. Below is a taste of what’s in store:

This one has been over ten years in preparation. Consider it the Fitzcarraldo of all our book projects, with Martin Jones (the author and Herzog in this analogy) and I (inevitably serving as Kinski) dragging this boat of a book through the uncharted jungle wilderness of our imaginations. The script has been written and I am now working on the illustrations, which require some significant stylistic changes on my part. The collage above can only hint at what’s coming. With all our books we take the Sinclair & Catling position of asking: “is it mad enough?” This one really is mad enough.

I’m also working on another book, which is a fully illustrated anthology of stories inspired by a singular source. I’ll say no more about it than that, except that those who’ve seen our earlier book Black Water will be familiar with the format in which we intend to publish it. I’m providing a full colour cover, highly-detailed black and white illustrations, and overall book design, together with some of the text content.

Both books will be published in late 2022. Stay tuned for further updates.

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