Regular readers will know that Withnail & I is my all-time favourite film, a perfect blend of Beckettian laughter in the void and aching melancholy for the irretrievable past. Over the years I’ve done several illustrations of characters from the film, with the original drawings long since sold or given away. A few years back I self-published a small booklet containing all the drawings I’d made up to that point, and was recently contacted to enquire if any copies were still available. The enquirer is one of the organisers of Withnail Brum, an annual event which involves a screening of the film. Taking this as proof of my belief that “if you build it, they will come”, my hand was forced to make a new edition of that booklet, including some more recent drawings I’ve made. The result is Sick As A Pike: The Withnail & I Drawings.

I’ve only made a handfull of copies, which the organisers will be offering up as a means of generating funds for the event, and I’ve also thrown in three Withnail-inspired originals, including this one:

Artwork and booklets will be available to buy soon and I would direct your enquiries to their Twitter account. This year’s showing of the film will be on Saturday 28th May at The Electric Cinema, Birmingham. Scrubbers, perfumed ponces and toilet traders should stay tuned for more announcements HERE.

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