Following yesterday’s post, I present the other title I’d like to promote. Black Water is the first title published by Exile In The Margins, the independent publisher I am involved with. It’s a story that it’s author – Martin Jones – had carried like an infection for well over a decade before we were finally able to do it justice. He first described it to me during a raucous drinking session in the Wetherspoon’s near Manchester Piccadilly, and it took a long time to compress its potential down to the black diamond that is the finished result. It could be summed up as a twisted tale of psychosexual madness in the shadowy edgelands of modern Britain, but there’s more to it than that, and our intention was always to create something that could only work as an illustrated book, with the art contributing to the story as much as the text itself. I made several very detailed drawings of a specific location that Martin took me to, one that probably has hundreds of dog walkers pass by it every day, but for prepared minds such as ours it hummed with mystery and exuded a very peculiar atmosphere that I think we successfully captured in the book. Production values were dialled up to 11, as Martin worked closely with a local printer to achieve the very specific results we were after. I’ve never seen black ink reproductions so dark and smooth and dense, which really makes the artwork seductively abyssal to the eyes. It’s an impressive book that would stand out in any bookshop, but our stance of resolute independence means it can only be acquired by ordering online. This book set the stall out for all future Exile In The Margins titles, and gave us a very high bar to reach to with every subsequent release. Wait until you see what we’ve got lined up for 2022. In the meantime:

A4 landscape format. 52 pages. 100 numbered copies. Each one comes with a free original piece of postcard art by yours truly. Order your copy HERE

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