When I was at school in the 1980’s, we had a ‘Career’s Adviser’. I don’t recall what line of work was ever recommended to me, but I am confident it wasn’t “salesman.” As confident as I am about the quality of my own work, I’ve never felt comfortable shoving it in people’s faces and demanding they buy it. I would never, ever want to feel that I am inching even one atom closer to the universe occupied by the likes of Alan Sugar and those twats on The Apprentice. That said, I do want more people to read my books and look at my art, so I have to push past such reservations and make my pitch. Here goes:

Daddy Witch is my first published novel. It’s the story of a group of young men, living in my home town of Morley, West Yorkshire, who react to the dire situation we were all in during the early 1980’s, as Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet of Cretins set about irreperably ruining the country. They bond through their love of punk and hormonally-energised self-expression, form a band, and… you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next. A few copies are still available, and come with a free piece of original postcard art by yours truly.

Published by Exile In The Margins. £5 & shipping. Order your copy HERE.

Laughing At The Funeral: the art of Daddy Witch is a companion book to the novel. During its writing I made a lot of art and designs inspired by the band, including singles and album covers, posters, zines and postcard art. This was to help me more clearly visualise the band and their aesthetic, as well as achieving the aching verrisimilitude of the time and place I was revisiting. It became too complete a body of work in its own right to let it go to waste, so I collected it all as a self-published title, available as print-on-demand via my Genius Loci imprint.

Full colour. 44 pages. Square format 20cm apx. £5 & shipping, Order your copy HERE.

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