You could be forgiven for thinking that nothing much has changed since the last update, especially as during the week I get no painting done at all, but this is where I had got to after a furious day’s activity yesterday. All the work done focussed on the trees, deepening the shadows and enhancing the lighter areas. That part of the painting is almost finished now, leaving me to concentrate on the lower half of the painting, especially the collapsing wall and the path. This painting has been an education in terms of how to make a convincing landscape, revealing the errors in my default mode of working, and forcing me to evolve as an artist. The principle lesson has been – as if I didn’t already know – “more black”, as defined in this useful quote from John Burnside:

The times comes when each of us sees a blackness in the world: a black in the green of leaf and river, a black in the liht of noon, a blackness in the gaze of an animal encountered some early morning in the summer grass. There is a blackness in everything that is, a darkness that is hard to see, more often than not a blackness that is not only necessary, but also for the best. For the best.

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