With Christmas almost at our throats once more, I’d be remiss in not taking the opportunity to remind you of potential gift ideas that you may have not yet considered. A few copies of my novel DADDY WITCH are still available, via Exile In The Margins. Daddy Who? Allow me to explain:

It’s the early 1980’s. Thatcher’s banshee wail echoes across the post-industrial wasteland towns of northern Britain, and it’s in one of those town that four young men, told that they have no future, plot their revenge through art. Caught in the exhausted backwash of punk, they channel their anger and their passion into music that compresses all their ideas and influences into a primal shriek of defiance. Their band is Daddy Witch and this is their story.

This is my first published novel. 140 pages. Pocket paperback, fully designed by yours truly.

Published by Exile In The Margins. £5 & shipping. Order your copy HERE. Initial orders come with a free piece of my artwork.

During the writing of the novel, I made a lot of art and designs inspired by the band, including singles and album covers, posters, zines and postcard art. This was to assist with the writing of the novel, adding to the aching verrisimilitude of the time and place I was revisiting, and it seemed too complete a body of work in its own right to let it go to waste, so I collected it all as a self-published title: LAUGHING AT THE FUNERAL: THE ART OF DADDY WITCH

It’s available as a print-on-demand book, under my Genius Loci imprint.

Full colour. 44 pages. Square format 20cm apx. £5 & shipping, Order your copy HERE.

Martin Jones, my co-conspirator on Exile In The Margins, described Daddy Witch as “essence de Rik”, and that’s absolutely correct. Order some copies and find out exactly what that means, but – caveat emptor – here be monsters.

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