The Next Life (2017)

This is my personal favourite out of all the landscapes I’ve painted. Loaded with personal significance, it dates back to a tumultuous time when I was a few weeks shy of completing 30 years as a civil servant and on the precipice of an important decision. I’d gone back up north, back to my childhood home, to visit family and on the morning I set off to get the train home I was walking through the village park and saw this. A blazing fireball dawn rising behind the houses on Park Street, bathing the frosty morning with a soft golden light. How much of my childhood has been spent in this very place? How many significant events happened within a half mile of this very spot I was standing. My Romantic tendencies being what they are, I took this as being an important sign of something, and one I would be a fool to ignore.

Suede – The Next Life

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