Arcadia is a 2018 film from Paul Wright. Using found footage from a variety of sources, it’s an attempt to take a kind of x-ray of the British psyche as it’s been shaped by the evolutionary changes of the last century. Some find the flickers in the dream machine editing and hectic collision of images annoying, but I like it. It stirs echoes in me of how I felt about Britain as I was growing up, an experience heightened by the fact that there seems to be scant footage from after the year 2000, emphasising the impression I’ve long felt that the past is more tangible than the present we now live in.

The film is greatly improved by the soundtrack, courtesy of Adrian Utley and Will Gregory, which sets and sustains the tone of a familiar and reassuring eeriness, and the sense that this country is far stranger than we appreciate. It’s on BBC iPlayer for another few weeks, so don’t dick about.

Arcadia via BBC iPlayer

Arcadia soundtrack

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