Daddy Witch single cover

This is the final cover design I made for my fictional band Daddy Witch. Back in the day I would have bought a record like this just for the cover alone. I think back to those early covers for bands like The Cure or Dead Kennedys, and recall how we all thought ‘if they sound anything like how this looks, I’m already sold.’ Album covers used to matter, almost as much as the record itself. Alas, like so many things, that’s all gone now. We live in impoverished times.

Daddy Witch is my first published novel. 140 pages. Pocket paperback, fully designed by yours truly. Initial orders come with a free piece of my artwork, inspired by the band’s aesthetic. It’s a limited print run and copies are selling fast, so don’t hesitate.

Published by Exile In The Margins. £5 & shipping. Order your copy HERE.

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