Daddy Witch

After weeks of teasing, the ‘he’ I’ve been talking about has finally arrived, and ‘he’ is Daddy Witch.

Who’s the greatest band you’ve never heard of?

In the early 1980’s, the exhausted backwash of punk swept through the post-industrial wasteland towns of northern Britain. Young men with no future and no hope channelled their anger and their passion into music and art that compressed all their ideas and influences into a primal shriek of defiance.

One of those bands was Daddy Witch, and this is their story.

This is my first published novel. 140 pages. Pocket paperback, fully designed by yours truly.

Published by Exile In The Margins. £5 & shipping. Order your copy HERE.

The first copies ordered come with a unique piece of original postcard art, a few examples of which can be seen below:

The very first order receives this painting:

I’ll be featuring more art & design created for the book over the coming weeks. Quantities of the book and art are limited so order your copy ASAP.

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