Lord Huron

Lord Huron (2020)

My mocked-up poster of the band Lord Huron, who have going a good few years now, and have never deviated from their conviction that Western culture peaked around 1965 and only make music that’s hugely evocative of that era, or at least how we’d like to remember it. It’s the kind of music The Stooges came to destroy – a mission I will always admire them for – but I also admire Lord Huron’s audaciousness in pretending that everything went to shit in 1967 and wishing they could live in a world where Carnival of Souls is on at the local drive-in, Roy Orbison croons “I close my eyes, and I drift away”, and Charles Manson is a failed pimp still in prison. Everything about them, especially in their increasingly playful videos, screams Twin Peaks to me. Certain themes persist: death, loneliness, regret, darkness, failed dreams, lost loves and more death. “Right up your street, then?” says a voice and, as usual, I don’t listen to it. They have a new album – Long Lost – out later this month, which I can recommend if, like me, you prefer empty beaches, lonely roads and walking around amusement parks at night, when they’re empty.

Lord Huron – Long Lost

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