The Red Squirrel

Readers of a certain age will recall the Tufty Club:

which was created in the early 1950’s as a way of educating young children in the principles of road safety. By the 1970’s he’d been marginalised by Dave Prowse as the Green Cross Code Man, but I was having none of that and already harboured a nostalgic preference for Tufty Fluffytail and his friends. I attribute this to my childhood immersion in things like Tales of the Riverbank, Ring of Bright Water, Tarka the Otter and, of course, Kes. Nowadays, I see ‘ironic’ Tufty Club t-shirts for sale which only confirms what I heard years ago was the primary reason for creating the internet in the first place: selling crap to twats.

Meanwhile, you’ve got more chance of seeing a unicorn than a red squirrel these days, whereas the invasive grey squirrel runs rampant throughout the trees and hedgerows behind our house.

Anyway, this drawing will be the basis for yet another glass fusion design, courtesy of my wife. Finished results coming soon.

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