Exile In The Margins

Regular readers will know I’m involved in a publishing venture called Exile In The Margins. It’s primarily the moonchild of Martin Jones and in our working relationship, I am very much the Renfield to his Dracula, but instead of eating birds and spiders, my contribution is the art and design for the several titles published to date. To date we have three books available:


You’ve heard of nature writing. This is against nature writing. A dark romance from the nightside edgelands. Sex and death and the spirit of dark and lonely water. Fully illustrated & designed by yours truly.


Edgar Allen Poe and Philip Larkin have a punch-up on Withernsea beach, whilst T.S. Eliot watches from the safety of the prom, taking notes. A prose fugue, a poetic miasma, a magickal working along the tideline, using bladderwrack and chip wrap as ritual objects. Cover art by yours truly.


A prose ‘working’ in the Crowleyean sense, an evocation of the spirits – benign and malevolent – that haunt the arcades and promenades of Britain’s seaside towns. Scrying in the Fun House mirror. Decoding angel language from bingo cards. Ectoplasmic candy floss snagged under the pier. Brylcreem, gasoline and Vaseline. Sticky fingers and bloody knuckles. Hot blood and cold chips. Wish you weren’t here.

As an added incentive to the curious reader, I’ve produced a series of art postcards, each an original painting in the vein of the example above, to be included with every book purchase.

Exile In The Margins is dedicated to following the logic of our imaginations and publishing books that you really wouldn’t see anywhere else. Martin & I were both formed in the crucible of 80’s and 90’s alternative culture, the pre-internet era of self-published zines and comics, dubbed VHS tapes, C90 compilations of weird music, scabby paperbacks and all the other strange detritus that the mainstream couldn’t absorb. This venture is our attempt to recapture some of that old black magic, before the internet created a monolcuture of irrelevance that dims the fires of awe. We have several more titles planned for release over the next year or so, including an art pamphlet celebrating the peculiar visions of a reclusive English surrealist; another collaboration between Martin and myself, where I fully illustrate the dark fantasies of a long forgotten British serial killer who haunted glam rock London; and my own novella about the rise and fall of the greatest band you’ve never heard.

Stay Turned for more details here, or via the Exile In The Margins Instagram.

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