Voice Of The Fire

My mocked-up book cover for Alan moore’s first published collection of short stories. Often mis-labelled as a ‘novel’, it’s rather a series of loosely-connected vignettes that cover a timespan of thousands of years, all located in and around his hometown of Northampton. The first story – ‘Hob’s Hog’ – is set circa 4000 BC and is written in a compressed version of Anglo-Saxon that was deliberately intended to be “difficult” and designed to, in the author’s own words, “keep out the scum.” It works, but those who persevere are rewarded with history of England that, whilst fiction, is probably more reliable than the Dan Snow narrated documentaries on the BBC. Moore himself appears in the final chapter, as he tries to get his head around what it all means, detecting the recurring themes of fire, black dogs and skulls. All of which I used to design the above cover.

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