Exile In The Margins

Exile In The Margins is the publishing venture in which I am very much the Igor to Martin Jones’ Dr Frankenstein. It was Martin who spawned this monster, driven by frustration at the state of contemporary publishing and the dearth of material that failed to even faintly stir the embers in our black and crispy hearts. We have both long adhered to the maxim Iain Sinclair and Brian Catling applied to their own creative projects: “is it mad enough?” We’re both children of the 1970’s but really had our sensibilities formed in our teenage years and our early 20’s, which would have been the 80’s and early 90’s where there was no shortage of influences that were “mad enough.” Bands, writers, painters, film-makers, comic book artists, all operating from the margins, lobbing their material into the fetid pond of late 20th century culture, creating ripples and stirring up the silt. Where are those visions and voices now? In most cases dead, or retired or – worst of all – compromised into irrelevance. In response to this, we had long been exchanging emails expressing a desire to do something about it, and by the summer of 2020 it was a case of shit or get off the pot. In the space of a few short months we have pulled together the first two Exile In The Margins titles:

Black Water

You’ve heard of ‘nature writing’? This is ‘against nature writing’. Ten years plus in the making, it is a descent into the dark depths of psychosexual obsession and edgelands existentialism. Not so much written as exorcised by Martin Jones, and fully illustrated and designed by me, with each page festering and pulsing with the madness that went into its making. Printed to a high production values, with dense abyssal blacks that Nietzsche himself would have feared to gaze into, it’s limited to 100 copies. £10 & shipping. Order HERE.

While the cover painting was sold a while ago, some of the original illustrations are still available, with all proceeds going back into the Exile print fund. For more details, EMAIL me.


Edgar Allen Poe and Philip Larkin have a punch-up on Withernsea beach, whilst TS Elliot watches from the safety of the prom, taking notes. A prose fugue, published as an A5 chapbook. Text by Martin Jones, cover art by myself. £3 & shipping. Order HERE.

Coming soon…

There are several new releases planned for 2021. More updates to follow, both here: Exile In The Margins and on the EITM Instagram page. Above is a very small taste of what I’m currently working on, which I absolutely guarantee will be more than “mad enough.”

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