The Dig

A 2016 drawing, A3 scale. This one was cropped and mocked-up as a cover for Cynan Jones’ The Dig, the novel that directly inspired said drawing:

The Dig (Cynan Jones)

It’s a dark book, suffused with the “dark rural shit” (thank you, Benjamin Myers) that is the polar opposite to the Countryfile view of what our nation is like beyond the concrete hinterlands. For some it’s a grim world, splatttered with mud, blood and excrement, where an unsympathetic attitude to the business of killing animals prevails, but growing up on a council estate surrounded by functioning farms, it’s a world I recognised in this book. Jones depictions of the places and characters rang true to me and while it may be bleak, at least its honest in its bleakness, and makes absolutely no apologies for it. Recommended.

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