Only Losers Take The Bus

Anybody seen in a bus over the age of 30 has been a failure in life.

A quote often attributed to Margaret Thatcher. No-one despised the Witch of Westminster more than I, so even if it can’t be absolutely verified as something that dribbled like slurry from her cold, bitter lips, in my heart it feels like it’s true, and that’s all that matters. Until recently, I caught the bus to work, every day, for over 30 years. During my travels I saw breakdowns, crashes, windows smashed, fires started, food fights, full-on drunken brawls, teenagers having sex, drug dealers setting up scores with their kids sat next to them, tramps pissing all over the seat, gypsy kids spitting on passengers, you name it. All the stuff that makes life worth living.

The Fatima Mansions – Only Losers Take The Bus

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