Another one from the archives, one I’d completely forgotten about. Left in an unfinished state, I recently completed the inks and mocked it up as it was originally intended, which was something along the lines of something like Atomtan, the 80’s comix zine that featured artists like Philip Bond and Jamie Hewlett, who would soon go on to Deadline and considerable success beyond that. This is the point where British comics, especially that generation who grew up with Action! and 2000 A.D., became self-aware and could see the effect those titles had in the wider counter-culture, with all the cool NME-approved bands talking about reading Judge Dredd and Halo Jones. The strips became less concerned with coherent narratives than leaving the reader – through the collision of images and words – with the same sensation as a good pop song. It led to some interesting experiments that seemed to be opening up the possibilities of the comics medium that I don’t think have been fully explored, and my “vision” for Baboom! was an anthology title where writers and artists could do whatever they wanted with what’s referred to these days as “no filter” and just have a blast while they were doing it. I might still get around to it one day.

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