Red Room

Further to last week’s post about Jim Rugg’s Street Angel, this is my homage his fellow Cartoonist Kayfaber Ed Piskor and his current comics project Red Room. Ed and Jim are vociferous advocates for ‘Outlaw Comics’, the kind of titles I used to work on and the kind I used to seek out in the dark corners of seedy comic shops. To be truly ‘outlaw’ usually means violence – the more extreme the better, a high nipple count, and a refreshing lack of political agendas and or any kind of polite morals. Red Room is an emphatic return to those principles, and in honour of that I made this drawing of Ed’s mysterious antagonist Poker Face. With Hollywood having “appropriated” the material from comics once considered “unfilmable”, it’s now the job of comics creators to do the things that Hollywood can’t, or won’t, touch.

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