Punk: Rock

This painting from the Project Mogwai series was a bit of a departure, in that it was rendered grey scale on thick artboard, and I didn’t use acrylic paints. Instead, I used Windsor & Newton India ink, diluted for the grey tones and applied with a ruined brush that looked like it had been used to scrape limescale from bathroom tiles. It did the job though, and I was pleased with the results. Still am. I was just a little too young for punk, but I got caught in its backwash, and just at the time I was discovering the Batman TV series (Saturday mornings on Tyne Tees, as some may recall) I was also seeing pictures of this Sue Catwoman character. Thus forever after the main players in the UK punk scene – Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten, Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible – have been, to me, indistinguishable from the cartoon villains and anti-heroes that capered through my pre-pubescent imagination.

Mogwai – Punk: Rock

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