God Is A Bullet

A mocked-up cover for one of my favourite novels, Boston Teran’s God Is A Bullet. First read in a single sitting on a flight to San Francisco in 2000, it was the ideal preparation for a visit to California, where much of the mayhem takes place.  Inspired as much by the mythology as the facts of the Manson Family case, it’s a completely over-the-top, and yet morally grounded, Dante-esque descent into the abyss that must have surely been optioned for TV or film adaptation. I just hope they never follow through, as it’s success as a narrative is reliant on the complex inner world of the lead characters, which is rarely something a screen adaptation can successfully convey.  I strongly recommend the novel but be warned, after reading this, most other ‘crime fiction is going to seem a bit thin and bloodless.

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