Voice Of The Fire

A mock-up cover using my 2016 drawing ‘The Accuser’. Voice Of The Fire was Moore’s first published long form prose work, and to call it a ‘novel’ would be disingenuous. Rather it’s a collection of loosely-interconnected stories set in and around his home town of Northampton, covering a span of years in the several thousands. Genuinely ambitious, it makes no apologies for its 40+ page first story written in a compressed form of Neolithic English that is intended as a challenge to the reader and as a means to, in Moore’s words, “keep out the scum.” My paperback, salvaged from the shit bin in a Leeds’ remainder bookshop, gets a bi-annual re-read which always reveals elements I’d missed the first time around. It was very much the warm-up to Moore’s Biblically-proportioned epic novel Jerusalem, and I enthusiastically recommend both books, provided you’re prepared for the ordeal as Moore is not inclined to make it easy for the reader. And why should he?

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