Half Man Half Biscuit

A new mock-up, for an old fave. Half Man Half Biscuit were the first band I ever saw live, at Leeds Polytechnic in 1986. The support band The Walking Seeds got heckled by the rowdy mob who’d come to shoutalong to their new heroes, and as  result stomped off before the end of their alloted set, the drummer petulantly flicking the V’s to the front row. The Biscuit eventually took to the stage, looking like members of the crowd had just picked up some band gear and decided to have a go, but tell tale evidence that they were the real deal was the picture of Marilyn Monroe glued to the bass player’s guitar, embellished with the word ‘slag’. I’m somewhat amazed that they’re still going, but I suppose that living in this country they’re never going to lack for subjects to spit their sarcastic bile at. They’re as uniquely British as the character who appears in the poster (a drawing from 2011), and anyone who recognises him will be really showing their age.

Half Man Half Biscuit – National Shite Day

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