Withnail & I Watchalong

Like many an internet “phenomenon”, the ‘watchalong’ is the kind of thing I hear about, shake my head at, and then move on to something else, but in the case of Withnail & I – my all-time favourite film – I’ll make an exception. Earlier this month the film’s writer and director – Bruce Robinson – did a ‘watchalong’ for the film he wrote and directed in the mid-1980’s. A film that quickly earnt its cult status (back when there was still such a thing as a ‘cult film’) and justifies it’s reputation to this day. I’ve talked about the film a lot over the years, so I won’t repeat myself, but will say that if you’ve not seen it yet, you may be missing out on something important.

Here’s portraits of the four main characters from the film, original drawings I sold as a set a while back:

Withnail & I ‘watchalong’ with Bruce Robinson

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