What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

My 2016 drawing ‘Damsels of the Night’, used as a mock-up cover for a Raymond Carver book. ‘Damsels of the Night’ is a long Charles Bukowski poem, so here we are with Ray and Buk,  stuck in the dive bar of eternity, sinking one beer after another to drown the pain. To this day there remains a lingering romanticism around the lonely hard-drinking writer who mines gold from the gutters, but I’ve known too many desperate alcoholics in my life to feel comfortable with that (though to be fair to Carver himself, he did say he never fell for that myth and admitted that he just really liked the taste of booze), and yet in their depictions of the daily struggles of working class people I could see the lives of those I grew up with, told with a frank honesty and bruised tenderness, and I recognised the truth in what both writers had to say.

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