Work In Progress

I’ve decided to revisit this painting, for the last time. It’s gone through several different versions, all of which I’ve ultimately come to accept as failures. I first painted in in late 2017, but I was never satisfied with the background. I’d made a mistake, but didn’t know how to rectify it. In February this year I tried again:

Within a month, this is as far as I’d got:

But I was losing confidence in it. I don’t know why. I erased the background again, tried something else, thought I’d cracked it, and tucked it away under my bed. Which is where it sat, gnawing away at me, insisting that I still hadn’t done it justice. Eventually its nagging voice got too loud to ignore, so last weekend I took it back out and decided to give it one last try. Inspired by a variety of different influences, I’ve reapplied the background I’d done in February, but have given it a lot more thought in terms of the colours I want to use and overall atmosphere I’m looking to create. Watch for further updates as the inner idiot and the outer artist continue to do battle.

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