The Mystery Of Something Lost & Found

I can’t remember the first time I saw Andrew Wyeth’s paintings but they made a deep impression. The colours, the intensity of focus and the very particular atmosphere they suggested to me were all important influences on my decision at age 40 to learn how to paint. All these years later I’m still learning, and still looking at Wyeth. Whenever I lose focus or get disheartened by it all, I take down my copy of his Autobiography and my sense of purpose is renewed. Of late, I’ve felt myself adrift again, but this film by Jesse Brass and Bo Bartlett has brought me safely back to shore. Everyone who’s familiar with the Wyeth story knows that in the Autumn of his days he had a relationship with his young muse Helga Testorf, a secret chapter in his life that produced an incredible body of work that he kept hidden for years. In this film Helga opens up about her experiences with Wyeth, and every utterance is worth quoting, many of which I recorded in my notebook:

We were orphans in the storm

To talk about magic, you have to have silence

He called it a curse but, by painting it, it doesn’t hurt so much

The music’s great as well. It’s well worth 24 minutes of your time.

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