Wolf Milk: Chthonic Memory in the Deep Wild

This is a new mock-up cover, using a painting made specifically for that purpose:

Martin Shaw is an interesting character, a genuinely wild thinker, and his books and ideas have been a significant influence on my recent work and the changes I’m consciously, and unconsciously, making in terms of how I make art. Listening to one of his talks about myth and wilderness vigils, this image came unbidden into my mind with such force that I knew I was going to have to put everything else aside and paint it. Does it live up to what I saw in my mind? Of course not. It never does, and if it ever did, that’s the point where you stop making art and give up altogether.

I recommend checking out some of Shaw’s online videos, and if you like what you hear, get some books from his Cysta Mystica Press. Start with A Branch From The Lightning Tree, which is where I was first introduced to his work. He’s following very much in the tradition of Joseph Campbell – another deep thinker that I admire – but draws from his own experiences where he really has walked the walk, along with a sprawling range of eclectic influences to alchemise a fascinating and ultimately useful way of approaching this thing called life.

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