Barry Lopez: Of Wolves And Men

A new mock-up cover for one of my favourite books: Of Wolves And Men, by Barry Lopez. Of course, it’s a book primarily about wolves – my favourite animal – but, like all the best books, it’s about much more than that, and if I had to try and summarise that, it would be that it’s an urgent and insistent plea that we as a species develop a deeper relationship with the other creatures that share the planet with us. If we don’t, we’re doomed. And this was written in the 1970’s, when our present crises seemed more remote and, for some, hard to believe. I strongly recommend the book, which you can pick up pretty cheaply from most online booksellers. Here’s an excerpt, from the introduction:

Wolves are extraordinary animals. In the winter of 1976 an aerial hunter surprised ten gray wolves travelling on a ridge in the Alaska Range. There was nowhere for the animals to escape to and the gunner shot nine quickly. The tenth had broken for the tip of a spur running off the ridge. The hunter knew the spur ended at an abrupt vertical drop of about three hundred feet and followed, curious to see what the wolf would do. Without hesitation the wolf sailed off the spur, fell the three hundred feet into a snowbank, and came up running in an explosion of powder.

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