Work In Progress

Ok, it’s time to stop trying to do too much at once. On top of the day job, trying to work on two paintings at the same time is a hiding to nothing. So I’ve parked this one for now, and will crack on this weekend and try to get this one closer to completion. This week I’ve worked on the stones – not that the casual observer would even notice – but I’ve got to finish the bird once and for all. Many years ago I would have just pulled an all nighter and got it done, but I just can’t do that kind of stunt any more. When you’re younger you can still maintain the illusion that it’s all worth the extra effort, but age and experience reinforces the fact that it’s really not. It is only painting, which is ultimately just something made from carefully arranged dirt. And it’s with this kind of polished and sophisticated sales patter you can see why I work in an office and can’t make a living as an artist.

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