Work In Progress

I know. I know, I’ve still got this painting to finish, but last weekend I decided to make a start on something long postponed. I had “finished” this painting:

‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem’ – early in 2018, but I was never really happy with it. It had never lived up to my expectations, and I suspected that one day I would have to do something about it. Last Saturday that day arrived, and I set about erasing the background by applying thin layers of matt emulsion. I’m sure “professionals” use something far more sophisticated, but I go with what I’ve got, and matt emulsion gives good coverage, holds crisp pencil lines and most acrylic sticks to it like shit to a blanket. Below is how it looked with the background removed and pencils for the new content completed. Up above is where I got to as of yesterday evening, with initial black undercoating almost finished.

The wolf itself is finished and requires no more work, so it’s all about rendering the background to the same high standard. I feel much more positive about it now, I’ve got a title in mind, and it’s suggested to me another range of possibilities. Onwards.

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