Work In Progress

Further to previous posts, here’s how far I got with the painting as of last night. More fine detail on the bird. More fine detail on the stones. It’s going well, and as I work on it I’m reflecting on the year just about to fade out. It’s been a frustrating 12 months, marked by family illness and death and, as a result, long periods of artistic inertia, but in the last few weeks I have tapped into a hidden seam of inspiration which has given me a renewed sense of purpose. This painting will be the first of several canvasses I intend to complete in 2020. I’m also finishing the illustrations and design work on a book project in conjunction with my long-time collaborator Martin Jones. And I’m also working on my own book, a project decades in the making. For too long my art work has been marginalised by the daily grind, but I feel determined to address that in the year ahead. Every day the whistle of the reaper’s scythe grows louder, and if all I had to show for my time was that I’d been to a lot of meetings, I’d be extremely disappointed. So, no more pissing about.

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