The Phoenix Tree

It. Is. Finished. 1 year in the making (initial pencils were started 1 year ago today). The longest I’ve ever spent on a painting, though there were periods of several weeks where I didn’t have the time to spare. This is a Christmas present for my wife, and will hang in the living room alongside several other of my originals. Until today I didn’t have a viable title, but I’ve been listening to Mono a lot of late, and in their back catalogue is an e.p., the title of which was just too perfect to dismiss.

Here’s all the stages of the painting as it progressed from beginning to end:

18 Nov 2018 (pencils completed)

13 Jan 2019

07 July 2019

27 October 2019

09 November 2019 (finished)

The completion of any painting, especially one that takes a long time to create, always brings with it a sense of la petite morte, but I assuage that by cracking on with the next thing I have to do, whether it’s another painting or the washing up. Right now, the latter option seems more likely.

Mono – The Phoenix Tree e.p.

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