After Silence

Painters work in private… You’re sitting there with a cup of tea and Radio 4, day after day. You hope for rain because you don’t want to be stuck inside if it’s not raining. A shitty life, really, being a professional painter.
Jock McFadyen

Which is why (or so I tell myself) I work in an office. Regular visitors to this site – all five of you – may have wondered where I’ve been these past few months? Back in July I decided to take a break from just about everything, except breathing, sleeping and the day job, that which Philip Larkin referred to as ‘The Toad’. I’m now back at it, working on a couple of paintings, and even doing some writing. Above are the pencils for one of those paintings, which I’ve since fully undercoated and hope to complete before the end of the year. I’m resigned to the fact now that I am essentially a ‘Sunday painter’, so very little gets done on any of the six other days in a week, but as long as the work turns out well, I’ll be content with that. I will be more regular with my updates from now on, but only when I’ve got something worth saying. The days of daily blog posts are long gone. As Richard Yates once wrote: “Never say anything that doesn’t improve on silence.”

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