The Fox & The Falcon

I’m not a Twitter user. I have barely got to grips with the likes of Facebook, so don’t expect to see me on there any time soon, but I do occasionally look at what certain artists and writers are up to. While roaming about in the dense thickets and undergrowth of the internet I found the above image on the Slightly Foxed ‘Twitterfeed’. Regular readers will recognise the drawing featured in the above as my 2017 work ‘The Monarch’. I used this as a mock-up (see below) for a cover for the book also featured in the above image – Hetty Saunders’ biography of J.A. Baker: My House Of Sky.

I have had my work ‘sampled’ before, going right back to secondary school when some twat nicked a drawing I did and tried copying it for his end of year exam, and I can only see it in a positive light. At least someone’s paying enough attention to “appropriate” it. Below is the original drawing.


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