Mogwai – New Paths To Helicon (Part One)

Mogwai – New Paths To Helicon (Part One)

How appropriate that the final selection my my ‘Desert Island Discs’ should be the one I want played at my funeral. Go to a wood, find a tree, dig a hole under it, drop me in the hole and play this song at a volume sufficient to knock birds out of the sky. It has to be the version recorded for the Government Commissions compilation of BBC radio sessions though. It’s the loudest, most distinctive version where, even at its monolithic peak, each instrument is distinctive. About ten years ago I did a load of paintings based on Mogwai song titles, but I never got around to this one, probably because I’m somewhat intimidated by the task of doing it justice. It’s the sound of my soul, and if I’m going to paint that, it has to be absolutely right, and I’ve yet to find the right image to define that. I will, one day.



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