Work In Progress

I’ve been working on this painting since November 2018. Progress had been interrupted by other projects earlier this year, but now I’m putting all my energies into getting this one finished. It’s destined to hang in our living room, a blaze of light and colour to replace the dark and foreboding lanscape currently hanging there. Landscape paintings are, as I’ve learnt, really just self-portraits, reflecting the mentality of the artist at the time. You’ve only got to look at Gaugin and Van Gogh’s paintings of the same cafe in Arles – one is bright and full of cheer and bonhomie, the other looks like a depiction of Dostoevsky’s hell as a room with a chair in it. The scene I’m painting here was a bright and balmy Autumn afternoon, the birds were singing, and the troubles of the world were, for a time, held at bay.

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