The Secret Inarticulate Longing

There was a time when artists were employed to set up altars to the gods of Life in civilizations that were temples, and deep within us we artists must endeavour to remember the services we were once able to give to humanity and to man’s deepest experiences of reality. To understand this, is to understand why we feel exiles. Beneath our technological civilization, there still flows a living river of human consciousness within which is concentrated in continuity the life of the kingdom of animals, plants, stars, the earth and the sea, and the life of our ancestors, the flowing generations of men and women: the sensitive and solitary ones, the secret inarticulate longing before the mystery of life. The artist is a vehicle of the continuity of that life and his instrument is the myth and the archetypal image.

There is a growing awareness that modern culture is approaching a severe crisis and that sooner or later it will have to undergo a ruthless revaluation. The revaluation must reveal the cause of the disorientation of contemporary culture which for so long now has been made a virtue of, or has been accepted without intelligent criticism or questioning.
Cecil Collins

Photograph taken in Morley, West Yorkshire, November 2018.


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