Jarvis Cocker: Mother, Brother, Lover

I first had a go at a mock-up cover for this book back in 2016. I got the urge to have another go, but this time reconsidering the design of the entire book. Once again, I’ve used my 2014 drawing ‘Babies’, which itself is completely inspired by the Pulp song that’s one of my personal favourites and so evocative of my own teenage experiences. This time the design conceit was to make the whole book like a teenage schoolkid’s exercise book, with all the lyrics hand-scrawled and accompanied by ink drawings from my own extensive back-catalogue. I’ve mocked up a few pages as examples:

‘This Is Hardcore’

‘The Trees’

‘I Will Kill Again’

Of course, Faber & Faber would never publish anything like this, though I think it would be a more interesting book than just presenting his lyrics as if they were poems. I know Jarvis winds a few people up, but of all the characters to appear out of the ‘Britpop’ era, he is – as a fellow Yorkshireman and a Kes fan – one of the few I’ve got any time for.

Pulp – Babies


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