Adam Scovell: Mothlight

I’ve written about Adam Scovell several times before. He’s an interesting film-maker and observer of culture, and February 2019 sees the release of his first novel Mothlight. Inspired by the author’s acquisition of a box of old photographs – collected by an elderly woman in his native Merseyside – the novel explores a relationship of sorts with a deceased lepidopterist and the young man who cares for her up to her death, and beyond. Key details such as the main characters, the locations (Merseyside, North Wales, south London) are drawn directly from Scovell’s own life, and I don’t think it’s too much of a supposition to suggest that in the book’s writing he was processing his own griefs and sense of dislocation from the familiar. The box of photographs he inherited becomes a kaleidoscopic scrying glass through which to view, and perhaps better understand, the past.

Published by Influx Press, the promotional campaign for the novel has already started. There’s a short film that explores the premise and themes of the book, one that’s well worth 6 minutes of your time, especially as it includes some exquisite shots of the old woman’s house:

There’s also a launch event in LunDun, and you can pre-order the book here. Scovell’s an interesting character, and from what I’ve seen of his film-making and online writings the last thing I expected from him was a novel, so there is the sense that this was something he had to do, which makes it all the more intriguing.


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