Dark Mountain 14: Terra

Further to my November 2017 post about Dark Mountain 12: Sanctum, to which I was a contributing artist, I’m pleased to announce that my work also features in the new edition – Dark Mountain 14: Terra. Here’s the proof:

I’ll let them off with the ‘s’ on the end of my surname, as it’s a common mistake (along with people assuming it’s Rowling…). My contribution this time around was a black & white ink drawing from 2014:

‘The Poacher’. See it’s companion piece – ‘The Gamekeeper’ – here. It’s always a pleasure to see my work reproduced in any format, as that was my idea of success when I was kid – just to get your work published. I harboured no ambitions to see my work hung in galleries, as those were places where other people – the kind I saw only on TV – went. Art, for working class kids, was comics and book or album covers, and the only gallery that mattered was the one inside your own skull, where all those images that had really made an impression would hang for all eternity.

Anyway, back to Dark Mountain… I like what they’re about. My younger self might have once dismissed them as a “bunch of hippies” but in their acceptance of the darkness awaiting us all just a little further ahead down the wild highway, and in their attempt to forge a positive artistic response to that darkness, I find I have much in common with them, which is why it’s a pleasure to be asked to contribute. Special mention must go to the artist Jenny Arran, whose work has been used for the cover design. I’ve never seen anyone draw with an axe before, and certainly not with the ability to create such impressive results. Certainly puts Mr Burroughs and his shotgun ‘paintings’ into perspective. Dark Mountain 14: Terra is out now. Get your copy here.


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