Do You Believe In The Westworld

The wolf exerts a powerful influence on the human imagination. It takes your stare and turns it back on you.
Barry Lopez, Of Wolves And Men

This isn’t a new painting, but I recently unearthed it and added it to my Wildlife gallery. Why I chose to name it after a half-remembered post-punk/proto-goth song I’ve no idea, but I have to assume it was inspired by some collision in my mind of William Burroughs’ The Western Lands, Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing and Barry Lopez’s Of Wolves And Men, all of which I read, or re-read, around the time I made this work. I’m cautious about over explaining my motives and ideas, simply because I want to keep the mystery intact, both for myself and for anyone else who likes the painting. As Ken Kesey sagely advised: “The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.”

Theatre Of Hate – Do You Believe In The Westworld

One thought on “Do You Believe In The Westworld

  1. striking painting, wow! I’m a huge fan of Cormac McCarthy – he paints by subtle layers too, & Kesey always on the button. Read only yesterday that Lopez had become very disappointed in humanity after spending so much time with wolves, ’nuff said đŸ™‚ Nice post.

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