Adam Scovell: Greenteeth

The dead of Kensal Green cemetery shuffle along the towpath beneath the gas towers…

I’ve featured the work of Adam Scovell several times before. He continues to evolve as a film-maker, specialising in interesting short pieces that often, to me at least, end up looking like Derek Jarman directing an episode of Tales Of The Unexpected. Greenteeth is no exception. Loosely based on a short story by Gary Budden, from his short story collection Hollow Shores, the film depicts a young woman living with her partner in a canal boat in Hackney whose mind is succumbing to the pressure of trying to exist in contemporary London. Having recently finished Iain Sinclair’s Hackney, That Rose Red Empire, I found the film, with its images of barbed wire fences, gas towers and graffitied signs, potently expressed my own impressions of the psychic wasteland that Sinclair wandered through, as his own mind unravelled under continual assault from what is referred to as ‘the Griffin’ – a chimeric aggregation of the forces of corrupt politics, media voodoo and bastardly business that want to trample everything authentically and awkwardly human under the ‘regeneration’ jackboot. A film like Greenteeth could only be made in a place that hasn’t been ‘upscaled’ into a sanitised zone for ‘pop-up’ ventures in yurts, a ‘here be monsters’ urban neverwhere that still provides opportunities for the imagination to ignite. As Sinclair points out: “The madness has to find somewhere to run wild.”

Adam Scovell – Greenteeth


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